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The equivalent of the scientist hypothesis in the resurrection debate would be the intricately designed hypotheses according to which anything and everything that pointed towards the resurrection (the gospel accounts, of course, in particular) is to be explained as the work of the early church expounding, legitimating and defending theological, exegetical and church governmental conclusions reached on quite other grounds. The question which must be faced is whether the explanation of the data which the early Christians themselves gave, that Jesus really was risen from the dead, ‘explains the aggregate’ of the evidence better than these sophisticated scepticisms. My claim is that it does..

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MS. IFILL: Good evening. Congress wasn even in session this week, yet, the fight over spending and debt raged on. Capisci sempre chi è la sua migliore amica. Dalle foto decodifichi, un po’ alla volta, la sua vita. Ed è solo l’inizio. There have been things that have affected him. He’s lost a medal in the relay because one of his teammates was involved in a doping infraction. There have been, you know, fellow Jamaicans who tested positive for banned substances as well, including Asafa Powell.

Interpreta allora la moglie strangolata da Kevin Kline in Tempesta di ghiaccio (1997) di Ang Lee per poi passare a una pellicola meno impegnata ma sempre d’autore (questa volta John Woo) in Face Off Due facce di un assassino (1997) in quanto moglie di John Travolta. Nel ’98 è invece la Betty Parker di Pleasant Ville per poi essere nel televisivo The Mists of Avalon nel 2001 per cui vince un Emmy Award. Tutt’altra parte nel 2004 dove interpreta un determinato dirigente della CIA sulle tracce di Jason Bourne nel secondo capitolo della saga: The Bourne Supremacy, ruolo che riavrà nel 2007 per il terzo, The Bourne Ultimatum.

SS is classified as either primary SS (pSS) or as secondary SS (sSS) if the sicca syndrome is associated with another systems disease (rheumatoid arthritis, systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, dermato or polymyositis). Nevertheless, SS is usually not limited to a dry syndrome, and systemic, extraglandular features often exist, making SS a true autoimmune connective tissue disease. These extraglandular manifestations are sometimes severe and can be life threatening.