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Since its earliest days, POV has been an exercise in bridging independent voices and the public by offering new tools and technology for storytelling and engagement.POV Staff 4 min read April 10, 2014 POV Films Blog CommentsMe Something Features Advice From Fifty of the World’s Best Documentary Filmmakers Doc Soup Man interviews Jessica Edwards, editor of “Tell me Something,” an in progress photography and creative advice book from fifty of the world’s best documentary filmmakers.Tom Roston 5 min read March 18, 2013 Doc Soup CommentsThe Greatest Documentaries of All Time: Doug Block on ‘Sherman’s March’ “[It] was, by turns, quirky and smart, comic and thematically serious, very personal yet highly entertaining, with an auteur’s voice stamped indelibly on every frame. It was pure revelation.”POV Guest Blogger 2 min read November 20, 2012 Documentary News Comments’The Interrupters’ Takes Top Two Prizes at Cinema Eye Honors 2012 On a rainy evening in Queens, New York, a group of documentary luminaries got together to celebrate the 2012 Cinema Eye Honors, a five year old awards show for nonfiction filmmaking.Adam Schartoff 4 min read January 13, 2012 Documentary News CommentsA Holiday Gift Guide for Documentary Fans and Documentarians Watch, Make, Learn! This year give the gift of documentaries. For once, we mean it literally!POV Staff 10 min read December 9, 2011 Documentary News CommentsThe 2011 Documentary Oscars: My Shortlist Doc Soup Man Tom Roston proposes an entirely different list of 15 films that could have just as easily been deemed Oscar worthy.POV Staff 4 min read November 28, 2011 Documentary News CommentsDocumentaries Raise Awareness about Domestic and Gendered Violence October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Assistito ad un forte spostamento degli utenti da servizi che prevedono uno sharing totale di tutto con tutti, come Facebook, in direzione di forme di comunicazione più personali e private ha dettoJason Mander, responsabile dei trend del GlobalWebIndex i teenagers di oggi sono nativi digitali, che da sempre usano molti schermi per accedere a Internet. Diversamente dalla generazione dei venti e trentenni, i teenager di oggi sono ben consapevoli di quanti siano visibili online nostri figli e nipoti, quindi, appaiono più consapevoli di noi e molti di loro fuggono i social network comeFacebook e Twitter. Tuttavia, la app del sito di Zuckerberg rimane la più scaricata e ben il 66% dei teenager risulta registrato sul delle facce ogni caso la del GlobalWebIndex è impietosa: che sia in atto uno spostamento da forme classiche di social networking verso forme di comunicazione più rapida come l messaging e le app di messaggistica (GlobalWebIndex).

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